birth flowers

what does yours say about you?


Fascinated and fascinating, carnations connect us with nurturing ourselves, without compromising on drama and glamour.

Irises, guarded as they are, are easily unfurled by a simple word of encouragement, and bloom when gifted with kindness.

Tulips exude elegance, but not much can tame them. The quickest way to a tulip's heart though? Flashy, fancy, sweeping and unquestionable affection.

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Chasers of pleasureful bliss, sweetpeas also being adept at gentle goodbyes, while holding space for precious memories.

Representing humility and purity, lily of the valley is petite, truly sweet, and the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity.

The versatile all-star herself : Rose. Her many colours keep space for a whole spectrum of feelings, she's a total crowd-pleaser and sure classic.

Delphiniums are positive petals with open hearts. They freely give grace, and look forwards to the future with joy.

Poppies are imaginative, but able to lean into the harmony of rest. They also make and keep  space for honour-filled remembrance.

Asters, the flower from the stars, are deeply wise, with a stirring of daintiness. Keenly patient, they are also happy to play.

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Marigolds, the beautiful contradiction : joyful, creative, but deeply, deeply jealous for attention and affection.

Lupins, the petal exuding chill, live within deep, soul-level happiness — that is, peace — while also working towards recovery and a brighter tomorrow.

Jolly holly, our festive petal. Prickly and combative when approached in the wrong way, holly also sings of life eternal — the rewards we gather when we persist.



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