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Oh Hello Petal floral pattern

... the story, so far


2015-2018 — The early days

Sometimes 'good enough' is good enough

Oh Hello Petal logo 2015-2016


Oh Hello Petal logo 2016-2018


Oh Hello Petal was officially established in 2015, and I made the jump to working for myself full-time at the end of 2016. I was exiting a toxic workplace, so logos, brand marks, and colour palettes were probably one of the last things on my mind.

All I could muster at the time was a logo that I made quickly in Word, which I updated not long after when I found a font that felt more 'me.'

What followed was a colourful blur of finding my feet as a business owner, where I saw a community of 'Petals' grow and flourish around me, who consistently invited me into their lives to help them celebrate every shape and form of event.


Lupin daisy snowdrop .png
delph caladium rose tulip aster.png
brightly coloured bouquets
tropical arrangement for Hawthorn football club
4 bouquets sitting against a wood pile
5 women and one flower girl, all wearing cream dresses
Oh Hello Petal family photos

2018-2019 — A new role

The little things become the big things

When we're looking back, it truly is the sum of little things that become the big, world-shifting pieces of the tapestry of our lives.

And so far, in my 30 years of living, I don't think I've participated in anything more defining than creating and birthing new life.
In September 2018, my husband and I became parents.

Oh Hello Petal evolved into a way for me to model fierce work ethic and self-determination to our girl. To show the truth behind 'the juggle is real,' that there's more to weddings, events and floristry than 'playing with flowers.' To give her the example of practicing generosity, honour and kindness through my business. To teach her that celebration, love, grief and joy can come in all forms.

Becoming a mum changed the way I looked at the whole world — which meant I looked differently at Oh Hello Petal too. Little did I know what was ahead of us.

aster plant.png
Couple standing smiling together, their wedding party standing behind them
A couple stands in front of a yellow wall, sharing a kiss behind their bouquet
a couple stands together, smiling at the camera

2020 — Refining and redefining

The gift of looking back

Then 2020 happened.

I know I don't need to go into detail. A year that pulled us apart, divided us, then united and glued us back together. The year of the pivot. The year of postponement. The year of 'wait and see.' The year of 'unprecedented.'

2020 saw Oh Hello Petal well and truly come to a grinding halt.

We had been given the gift of time and reflection, and I was fortunate enough to connect with the right people, and use the time I had well.

Throughout the year, I engaged in these programs :

- Coming Home, run by Dusk of The Listening Squad
- Brand Plan, facilitated by Serena of Speak Out Studio, and
Create Program, run by Ami
of Craft Coaching and Development

I gave myself space to breathe, and with the help of these fantastic women, found clarity. The values, vision, mission of Oh Hello Petal — which had been inside and underpinning every decision I made from the start, were gently uncovered and strengthened.

These realisations redefined or rather, refined what Oh Hello Petal meant ... and this called for a change in how it looked.

delphinium dahlia sweetpea marigold
Oh Hello Petal floral pattern
Oh Hello Petal floral pattern
Oh Hello Petal floral pattern
Oh Hello Petal floral pattern
Oh Hello Petal floral pattern

2021 and onwards — A modern legacy

Welcoming in the new season of Oh Hello Petal

Connecting with Jena Marie to develop and this rebrand was nothing short of exhilarating and inspiring.

Attention to detail, and an understanding of values. Appreciation of art history and colour motifs. Weaving in floriography and rich meaning. It's everything I hoped for, and more.

It's slightly obnoxious with how loud the colourings are, but that's the whole point, hey? Celebrating, in the face all that life can throw at us, is audacious. It's an act of bravery. It is rebellion. It says : I choose life. I choose love.

These are the things that Oh Hello Petal stands for, who Oh Hello Petal is.

Event design to celebrate life and love, in all its forms, seasons and moments.

Let the future begin.

Bouquet explosion.png
Couple shares a kiss in front of blue brick wall

Ready to celebrate and support you every step of the way :

from newly engaged smile, all the way down the aisle, and beyond

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