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covid-safe information

While the events industry had an extended break between drinks in 2020, Oh Hello Petal took the time to implement a COVID-safe plan. Being permitted workers is a privilege and means we take the responsibility of keeping clients and our wider community safe seriously.



Physical Distancing & Prevention

  • Consults held over the phone or Zoom / other video-conferencing platforms where appropriate.

  • When on-site for bump in or out, maintain physical distancing as possible.

  • In the case of deliveries, arrangements and workshop kits will be left on doorsteps where possible and safe.

  • In the case of wedding parties, Oh Hello Petal will no longer assist in attaching personal flowers {eg. buttonholes, hair florals etc.}



  • If a Team Petal member feels unwell, we will self-isolate, and another florist/stylist will be assigned.

  • If a Team Petal member is confirmed to have COVID-19, we will isolate for a minimum of 14 days. Any close contacts will be asked to monitor for symptoms and seek medical advice as needed.



  • All equipment used is cleaned before being used and after, including vases and other items that clients / guests are likely to contact.

  • Clients / other vendors are discouraged from assisting with unloading or with bump-out.



  • Hand sanitizer will be included in the on-site kit and made available to clients / other vendors as needed.

  • Extra hand washing and sanitizing will be adhered to.

  • In the case of Oh Hello Petal installing florals that come into close contact with food {eg. cake florals}, disposable rubber gloves will be worn for installation.


Face Masks

  • A face mask will be worn at all times when likely to come into contact with clients / other vendors / members of the general public {eg. on-site work, performing deliveries, etc.}, as in line with government directives.

  • A new or cleaned face mask will be used every day.


Record Keeping

  • Records will be kept of deliveries and on-site work.

  • If a member of Team Petal becomes unwell up to 14 days after your event, we will contact the client and other vendors. We’ll inform them of the test and advise them of the results.

  • Notifying appropriate government bodies if COVID positive.


What if I start to feel unwell just before my event?

If you start to have any flu-like symptoms within 14 days of your event, please contact Oh Hello Petal. We’ll talk through your options and be as flexible and supportive as possible, whether you decide to await test results before making a decision, postpone, reschedule or cancel altogether.


Oh Hello Petal is supported by and connected to a beautiful network of florists and stylists, so please be assured that in the case where a member of Team Petal becomes unwell and is unable to attend your event, it will still be delivered to the same standard and care expected of Oh Hello Petal

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