Hello petal Ione




Ione /aɨ ɘni/

1 'violet flower' {Greek}

2 'love you' {Mandarin}


Ruth /ɹ uːθ/

1 'companion' {Hebrew}


I love people, I love flowers, and I love love. And with a name like mine, petal?


I was literally born to love you, flower friend.



It’s my heart’s desire to help you create an event that feels authentically ‘you.’

I love to hear your story, dream and collaborate together, then, guided by creativity and intuition, reflecting your story back to you, through design.


Floristry is where I found my beginning, and to me, flowers are the ultimate symbol of life and hope. They speak of so much more than just aesthetic beauty — a blooming blossom represents celebration, the victory of the breakthrough. The delight of thriving in community. The adventure of journeying together, regardless of the season. The sacredness of a commitment born out of fierce love.


I love working with local and ethical vendors, suppliers and produce, decreasing my carbon footprint and reducing my plastic use. ‘Earth laughs in flowers,’ and I want to do my best to help keep her laughing, long and loud.


Oh Hello Petal was born out of my desire to bring beauty and meaning to celebrations that honour all seasons of life and love.


It’s my deep joy to guide and cheer as you journey towards the commitment of marriage, the celebration of a special life event, and to honour you with creativity, celebrating you in such a way that helps you feel seen, worthy and loved.


But enough about me — I’d love to know more about you! Let’s dream about how we can breathe life into your creative vision, together.

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