Hello petal Ione



Ione /aɨ ɘni/

1 'violet flower' {Greek}

2 'love you' {Mandarin}

Ruth /ɹ uːθ/

1 'friend' {Hebrew}

I love people, I love flowers, and I love love. And with a name like mine, petal?

I was literally born to be your flower friend.

I’ve long believed that flowers speak of so much more than just aesthetic beauty. They set intentions for the space they’re in, and communicate heartfelt, divine messages.

As a seed, a flower is plunged into the cold, dark dirt, and then given the choice : to remain and fade, or to push through and flourish.

To me, the blooming bud represents celebration, the victory of the breakthrough. The delight of thriving in community. The adventure of journeying together, regardless of the season we’re in. The sacredness of a commitment born out of fierce love.


Oh Hello Petal was born out of my desire to create florals that celebrate life and love.


It’s my deep joy and honour to guide and cheer as you journey towards the commitment of marriage, the celebration of a special life event, and to serve you in any other floral need you may have.

Enough about me — I’d just love to know more about you! Drop me a line, and let's talk flowers.


I live and work on Wurundjeri land, and pay my respects to Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging.

Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal land.