What can I expect when working with Ione and the Oh Hello Petal team?


A deeply personalised approach, caring for you every step of the way.

Our early consults have one primary focus : you. Hearing your story, all the beautiful, unique things that have made you into who you are, and ensuring we click both personally and as creative collaborators will form the foundation of our working relationship. Being your confidant, sounding board, a friend for the whole season and beyond is a privilege never taken for granted, and managing budgets will be done with respect and discretion. You'll continually be supported in ways that help you feel seen and loved.


Meaning behind creative choices.

Our heart’s desire? To help you create an event that feels authentically ‘you,’ whether you're a seasoned creative, or don't think you have a creative bone in your body.

Telling your story in all its light and shade, the victory and the grief, serves as the backdrop and inspiration for your event. Combining a deep understanding of design elements and the knowledge of floriography, we'll reflect the beauty of your truth, crafting meaningful design choices to honour and remember the most important moments of your life.



Honouring the earth and all people.

Fiercely believing that ‘earth laughs in flowers,’ local florals are prioritised over international produce. The ethical and environmental implications of such choices are considered, we work within local seasons’ produce and find ways to reduce waste and plastic use. Oh Hello Petal affirms all people of all identities, and welcomes each opportunity to learn, or unlearn, growing to make this world a safer, more beautiful place to live.

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We' ll be a good match if you . . .


have creative intuition and appreciation


are open to a close working friendship with your vendors


crave beauty filled with meaning, and want so much more than just ‘pretty’


feel ready to have your story told through design


hold a sense of wonder and reverence for nature


So how does it work ?


We connect via this form

You share your story and creative vision

An in-depth design proposal and quote is crafted for you


You say 'I do' and join the Petal family

You are supported and celebrated every step of the way

Together, we create an event that feels authentically ‘you’