Send Petals is taking a bit of a break.

See you in Springtime, petal!

Send petals, not panic.


It’s a simple message, but it’s one the world needs.


Share blooms, not bugs.


No virus could ever match, threaten or replace the power of beautiful,

authentic human connection.


Spread florals, not fear.


Going the extra mile to show compassion and love has always made all the difference.


Humans have long used flowers to send messages of support and faith, and petal,

it’s because they embody life. They represent renewal. They remind us to hope.

A reminder we need, now more than ever.

Send love to your nana, who still hasn't got her head around video chat.

Celebrate the arrival of your friend's new baby.


Support your sister, balancing full-time work and remote learning.


Cheer a relative who works as a nurse, teacher, social worker.

Let’s keep flattening the curve and send petals, not panic.


Order by 1pm Wednesday for Friday delivery.


Available delivery suburbs & frequently asked questions here.


Still have questions? Get in touch here.


I live and work on Wurundjeri land.