Booking Oh Hello Petal for your wedding is just the beginning of us working together, and to make things official, we're going to make some promises to each other!

Below is the contract we'll enter into when you pay your booking fee.

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Booking, payment and design proposal policies


Client agrees to pay a booking fee of $500, and that the final remaining balance is due  14 days prior to event date. Client agrees that the package value will not decrease to less than 85% of the agreed amount. Any changes made less than 1 month prior to event date, including but not limited to altering colour palettes and design elements, may incur additional charges. Any additions to the package must be paid in full no later than 7 days prior to event date.


Events held on public holidays, or within two weeks of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas Day will be assessed for an additional 30% surcharge.


Client will be charged for all Oh Hello Petal team travel + accommodation costs, unless otherwise indicated. This amount will be included in total package fee, reflected in the ‘Delivery + Install’ portion of the invoice. The client is responsible and will be billed for any additional travel + accommodation cost(s), not previously discussed but mandatory in order to produce the event. In the case where access for bump-out and retrieval of hire items begins after 12am, the client may be charged a travel fee of $5 per kilometer from Viewbank, Victoria, at an $100 hourly rate.


It is the sole responsibility of the addressed client, not Oh Hello Petal, to ensure all information stated in the invoice is correct, including but not limited to date, venue and quantities of itemised specifics (bouquets, buttonholes, table arrangements etc.)


All designs and proposals remain the property of Oh Hello Petal, and may not be copied, distributed, published or repurposed without our express consent.


Oh Hello Petal reserves the right to withdraw services in the event that payment is not received within allotted time.


Styling, hire and event day policies


Oh Hello Petal is only responsible for lighting candles we have provided. Please make sure the venue co-ordinator, planner, or someone trusted has been assigned to light any other candles before guest arrival.


All vessels are property of Oh Hello Petal, and to be returned undamaged to Oh Hello Petal. Oh Hello Petal will bill client post-event for any vessels that are damaged or missing at conclusion of event, or time of retrieval.


Oh Hello Petal requires that all clients have a day–of contact and wet weather contingency plan. Once Oh Hello Petal has departed the event venue, we are not liable for any damage sustained, including but not limited to personal florals and venue florals.


Cancellation and postponement policies


If for any reason the client decides to reschedule their event more than 14 days ahead of the originally agreed upon date, and the new date is more than three months from the originally agreed upon date, the original booking fee will be forfeited and Oh Hello Petal will re-cost the client's invoice and amend the design to reflect updated floral and labour costs. A $250 re-booking fee will also apply.



If for any reason the client decides to cancel their event less than 14 days ahead of the originally agreed upon date, the client will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the ‘Delivery & Install’ component of their invoice.


If for any reason the client decides to reschedule or cancel their event less than 7 days ahead of the originally agreed upon date, the client will be entitled to no refunds. The florals and labour that has already been paid for is still the clients to use, and the client can elect to have the remaining florals delivered to them directly, to family members and friends, to elected charities, hospices or hospitals, or other destinations within 50km of Melbourne. If the client would like to book a new event date, Oh Hello Petal will waive the $250 re-booking fee (dependent on date availability.)


Professional images and social media policies


Client agrees and understands that Oh Hello Petal may share images on social media ahead of the scheduled start time of the event. Oh Hello Petal will negotiate and be respectful of how detailed the ‘behind the scenes’ shared content is, in order to maintain a level of surprise for clients and their guests.


Client agrees to give Oh Hello Petal access to professional photos from the event, including providing necessary access information. Oh Hello Petal will take every measure to ensure correct information is given when displaying images on social media channels, including but not limited to other vendors and venue/s.


Oh Hello Petal reserves the right to use images from events, including for purposes of promotion, display, advertising, internet and publication.


Outside providers and market policies


Unless negotiated otherwise, Oh Hello Petal must be the only florist providing flowers for your event, including but not limited to other floristry businesses, family members, caterer, venue or any other supplier or persons. This is to ensure cohesion of overall event design. If floral items are provided by others on the day that are not appropriate to the agreed deign brief, Oh Hello Petal reserves the right to remove these out of line of sight. Client agrees that in the case where others have provided floral items of any nature, they will not hold Oh Hello Petal responsible for lack of design cohesion.


Market prices are subject to fluctuation without warning, and as such Oh Hello Petal cannot guarantee specific quantities of florals for the event, but will strive to source the highest quality florals available, and remain considerate of the agreed budget.


Communication policies


Oh Hello Petal would appreciate any communication post booking be completed via email, and that any phone or in person consultations be scheduled in advance.


Oh Hello Petal will be as responsive as possible to communication. Oh Hello Petal is committed to delivering gorgeous florals and events, and often spend Thursdays — Sundays focusing on these, so patience is appreciated when responding over the weekend. Oh Hello Petal guarantees the same level of attention and commitment at time of client’s event,


The client agrees to all information stated above, and to full responsibility for agreed upon services. Oh Hello Petal has the right to cancel this contract at any time if contractual obligations are not being met.