We may not be meeting in person right now,

but that won't come at the cost of a heartfelt connection.


​I'm all about authentic relationships, and want to nurture you as you journey towards marriage.

I love connecting with you, hearing your story then dreaming about your big day, together.

During your engagement, we will connect three times.


The spotlight is on YOU, baby!

This is to make sure I'm the flower gal of your dreams, that we vibe on a creative level. Tell me how your love-story came to be, when and where the proposal happened, share your big vision and must-haves for your wedding. I'll take this time to listen, take some notes and brainstorm with you.


After the meeting, I'll bring all of your amazing ideas together, and create one cohesive and totally individual design especially for you.

Melbourne wedding florist event



When we next touch base, the mic is over to me : I'll share a design proposal inspired by you and your dreams for your wedding day, along with your fully customized quote.


I'll make sure we're on the same page design wise (there ain't no point in me turning up with the wrong colour flowers!!) and we'll work together to get the quote to a place you're completely comfortable with.


Once you're 100% happy, you'll pay a deposit to secure your date, and you'll get to take your design proposal and quote home with you.


(PS: I have a whole range of payment plans to make sure you're paying things at your own pace, so don't you go stressing your pretty head about the money side of things - I've got your back!)


We'll double check all the last minute details together, and share any changes that might have happened since we met - things like how many bouquets and buttonholes you need, organizing any extra arrangements for your venue, if you're over it all and want to skip the wedding entirely and head straight to your honeymoon. (Haha, kidding.) (Mostly.)

I'll go over some (maybe boring but necessary) details - logistics, timing and confirming contacts for your wedding day.

I'll answer any final questions you might have, and then? It's onwards to The Big Day !!!!!