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What kind of workshops does Oh Hello Petal offer?

Oh Hello Petal offers private floral workshops, public group workshops, and corporate workshops.



How many spots are { usually } available?


For our online group workshops, we offer tickets for up to 15 people.

Private and Corporate workshops can hold up to 30 people.

{ Any more, and things get a little hectic! }



What’s included in the ticket prices / price per head?


Included in your ticket price are all the blooms needed to create your arrangement, wire, floral tape, ribbon and scissors, 2.5 hours learning with Oh Hello Petal, plus some light refreshments.

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What are the workshops like?


Once we've made sure all our guests have arrived, we'll do some fun introductions to break the ice. We’ll look over our kits, share some general safety practices, then get to the flowers!

How long do the workshops go for?

We allow about 2 hours for the workshop, plus at least 30 minutes for selfies.



Do I need to bring any flowers or tools?


Not at all, petal! These are included in your ticket price.


Who are the workshops open to?

Gals, their pals, besties, soul-siblings, and everyone in between! Oh Hello Petal welcomes and affirms all peoples of all identities and expressions.

Do you come to us, do we come to you? How does it all work?


Ee-ther ei-ther, petal!

If you're having the workshop to celebrate a private event, or for a corporate team-building exercise with a difference, chances are you'll be all set with a venue of your own!


But if you need help finding a venue, let us know and we'll find a space that suits your needs perfectly. {Venue hire will increase the cost per ticket / per head, just FYI!}

Do we have to sign a contract?

We don't super love invoking the virus-which-must-not-be-named buuut ... the past 12+ months has seen us managing postponements and rescheduling parties, so we can't commit to clients without you agreeing to our Workshop Terms & Conditions, which you can read here.

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Yep, that's done it for me. I'm ready to

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Oh Hello Petal floral pattern


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