Online workshops are taking a break

At the height of lockdown, with boredom at an all-time high, an idea was born : online floral workshops.

Because, what else were we doing with our time, besides baking sourdough, and ploughing through Netflix's back catalogue?

It was a joy and a kick to teach so many Petals the mindful discipline of flower crown creation ... we can't wait to workshop with you again, this time in person!


Iso a bit bloomin' boring?

No bloomin' problem.

Bloomin' bored?

No bloomin' problem.

There's no dancing around it, petal.

Life in iso can get, err . . . a bit boring.

Weekends just don’t have that same spark like they used to, do they?

We’re not brunching,

We’re not going to playgrounds and giving the kids / fur-kids a run,

We’re not wine / gin / beer tasting,

We’re not popping down to the beach {unless you live near one}

. . . we can’t exactly meet and make merry like we used to,



ya know.


Let's make the every day, extra.

women smile flower crown bridal




Great question!

First, you’ll :


then I’ll :

  • Send you a link to our Zoom meeting,

  • Curate a kit for you { scissors, wire, tape, ribbon }

  • Prepare a collection of blooms,

  • Wrap them up pretty as a picture,

  • Deliver it to your doorstep the day before,

      all ready for our workshop together.

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