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believes in :

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Learning about your story and heritage, helping you feel worthy, seen, respected, loved


Trusting intuition & inner compasses


Taking time out and resting well

Acknowledging the Indigenous people of Australia as the Traditional Owners of the land we live and work on. Sovereignty was never ceded - always was, always will be Aboriginal land


Listening to and believing minority voices, acknowledging and checking our privilege


Prioritising seasonal florals before international produce, reducing waste and plastic use

Life in all its seasons, the good and the hard, can be met with joy, thankfulness and remembrance


All people are worthy of being celebrated


Grief and celebration are intimately linked


Celebrating can be diverse, from a lavish party, an intimate dinner, to time alone — depending on personality, heritage and preference


That nature itself speaks of life and hope — ‘Earth laughs in flowers’

Trusting our deep aesthetic appreciation and intuition


Remaining mindful of an overarching vision, while balancing the small details


Approaching any conflict or problems with kindness, resourcefulness and sensitivity


Empowering clients in their own creative experience


Collaborating with values aligned vendors and colleagues

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